Ordination as a Minister of Biblical Healing®, MBH®

This is a Many Paths Ministry® program intended for those who wish to develop a personal doctrine about biblical healing. Personal doctrine must be informed by scripture and by established biblical commentary. In keeping with the First Amendment, you must be able to effectively communicate your religious/spiritual beliefs about biblical healing. This program is intended for personal spiritual and religious development.
  • Personal Commentary: CONTENT
    • For each healing, provide the scriptural reference (Book, Chapter: verse, translation)
    • Choose 18 healings from the Bible (Old and/or New Testament)
    • Analyze each healing to discuss your personal belief/doctrine and support your analysis by providing some references to scripture and to established commentary.
  • Personal Commentary: FORMAT
    • 14 point font
    • Double spaced
    • The first page should be a cover page/title sheet
    • Cite to your references in parenthesis in the body of the text. Do not use footnotes or end notes.
    • The last page/s must be a bibliography of the sources you used, including the various bible translations.
    • Email your dissertation by copying it into the body of an email.
    • Subject line of your email should read: MBH PERSONAL CMT – Your Name
    • Do NOT send your dissertation by attachment as we will NOT open any attachments
  • Ordination: CERTIFICATE
    • If your personal commentary is deficient (grammar and spelling errors; failure to inform your position with scripture and some established commentary), you will be asked to rework it until satisfactory.
    • If your personal commentary is satisfactory, we will send an electronic copy of your ordination certificate. If you would also like a hardcopy, let us know.
    • We suggest a $100 donation (not tax deductible at this time) but we are grateful for any donation. Please use PayPal or contact us for other arrangements.