Ordination as a Many Paths Minister®, MPM®

  • Everyone is on a mission from God to reflect His love. Those who realize it feel “called.” Ordination is a formal response to the calling.

  • Our Many Paths Ministers are Ambassadors for the Spiritual Life.

  • A minister is expected to be able to respond to various situations and stages of life. You will learn more about the power of prayer. And you will write prayers for various life cycle occasions.

  • As a minister you must be able to suggest answers to the most difficult questions of life. You will write reflective essays in answer to specific questions which you may encounter as a Many Paths Minister.

  • Ordination requires that you complete a three-part guided testimony and that you sign our ordination agreement. Upon satisfactory completion, we will send you our ministry’s ordination certificate.

  • The three part guided testimony requires that you master the following topics:

    1. Prayerwork
    2. Reflections
    3. Mission